driving & appreciating

November 29, 2015

It was not long ago that I felt trapped.

And to think about the future felt hopeless To my authentic self

I'm so grateful that I remembered that I always have a choice

And a voice, for a mind can most certainly be changed

A new vision, or at least the space for a future I can be proud of.

My decision was made. A new card played. A shackled present slayed like a single candle in the wind.

I stepped out of obligation and was rewarded love. With life.

A future of prolific possibilities, excess laughter, and orgasmic adventure patiently awaits my fashionably late arrival to the party.

While I Impatiently Drive towards it. But am maddened by the traffic on this route.

Oh what a joy it is to feel impatiently alive. No longer held back. No compromise even needed.

I have found life. I have found love. One of the same spiritual blood.

Hope and promise lay heavily over me, A Woolen blanket in the midst of the bone chilling wind.

Deep breaths are limitless. My body stretches from coast to coast.

Love and life. Autumn leaves. Cameras and toast.